The Scent of the Magnolia

A love letter to the fragrant South

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The G&G Guide to the Kentucky Derby


Your Spring/Summer Music Festival Calendar

By Elizabeth HutchisonSouthern SoundsApril 17, 2015

Down South we don’t need much of an excuse to put on a festival. Just about anything will do. There’s the annual hollerin’ contest in North Carolina; the Road Kill Cook-off and Harvest Festival in West Virginia; and events dedicated to every fruit and veggie ever grown in Southern soil. When it comes to music, though, Southerners drop the silly and pull in some serious talent, rolling out an impressive lineup of world-class festivals as soon as the weather warms up. Bonnaroo, in Manchester, Tennessee, and Hangout Fest, the three-day beachside blowout, in Gulf Shores, Alabama, are the schedule titans, but if neon tank tops and glow sticks aren’t your thing either, there are plenty of other great outdoor music-fest options for the rest of us.

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The Dressing the South Forgot

By Jed PortmanGood EatsApril 16, 2015

Pimento cheese. Coleslaw. Potato salad. Those staple side dishes help keep the mayonnaise companies in business during the spring and summer. But in the days when cooking oil was a luxury, cooks below the Mason-Dixon line bound them with a different sort of dressing.

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Bonus Photos from the April/May 2015 Issue

By CJ LotzA Southern FocusApril 16, 2015

The April/May issue of Garden & Gun was loaded with images of lush gardens, hot eats, and fun travel destinations. We didn't have room for all of our favorite images; here are ten special shots that didn't make it into print.

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Dolly Parton Like You've Never Seen Her

By Jessica MischnerBelow the LineApril 15, 2015

Dolly Parton is no stranger to tributes. Everyone from Andy Warhol to Loretta Lynn to G&G has honored the curvaceous icon. But a new exhibit at the Smokey Road Press in Athens, Georgia, is paying homage a little differently. On display through April 23rd, Tease it to Jesus: An Exhibition of Dolly Parton Prints features 35 highly stylized portraits of Dolly by some of the top printmakers in the country. West Virginia illustrator Sage Perrott fashioned a heart-eyed headshot for the show while Tennessee-bred printer Kathryn Polk cast the singer as a guitar-toting Venus. Altogether the collection represents fan art at its finest: colorful renderings of one epically colorful artist.

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How to Choose the Perfect Derby Hat

By Haskell HarrisBelle DecorApril 13, 2015

As Southerners, we owe a lot to the United Kingdom, including but not limited to a shared love of bespoke millinery and the pageantry of all things equestrian. As we turn our attention from one grand Southern sporting tradition (the Masters) to another (the Derby), we reached out to one of England’s—and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton’s—favorite milliners, Gina Foster, for advice on choosing the perfect hat for Churchill Downs or any occasion on your social calendar.

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Rediscover a Southern Classic: Pea Salad

By Jed PortmanGood EatsApril 10, 2015

Travis Milton can’t remember her name, but he remembers the crunch of the pea salad she used to bring to church picnics in Castlewood. Most cooks in his southwestern Virginia hometown added bacon to the ever-present side dish, but she preferred water chestnuts. Years later, when he developed his own recipe for pea salad, he followed her lead. But he also added a splash of rendered bacon fat, among other ingredients inspired by family gatherings past.

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The Masters by the Numbers

By Elizabeth HutchisonThe Sporting SouthApril 9, 2015

If the neighborhoods surrounding G&G’s Charleston offices are any indication, the famous azaleas over at Augusta National should be peaking right as the Masters practice rounds come to a close and golf’s biggest names tee off for tournament play. But the florescent pink flowers (and those pro athletes) are only part of the allure. Like Wimbledon and the Kentucky Derby, the Masters is built on tradition, and that means lots of history and plenty of quirks. Below, we run down a bit of both, by the numbers…

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In Memoriam: 'Dukes of Hazzard' Star James Best

By Jessica MischnerBelow the LineApril 8, 2015

Long before buttermilk was hipster-cool or George Bush adopted the W., Rosco P. Coltrane popularized both the white stuff and middle initial usage. And that’s just the kind of bumbling trailblazer the Dukes of Hazzard sheriff was. The late actor James Best, who passed away near his home in Hickory, North Carolina, yesterday, imbued Rosco with childlike sincerity that made him an instant audience favorite: the character knew what he liked (buttermilk; his Bassett hound, Flash), knew who he was (the cuff-’em-and-stuff-’em sheriff), and always stuck to his guns (even when his actual firearm misfired or slipped out of his hands, which seemed to happen frequently).

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Make Your Own Livermush

By Jed PortmanGood EatsApril 8, 2015

At Garden & Gun, we love livermush. Okay, not all of us. When we cooked a batch at the office a while back, some of the editors were less than enthusiastic about the name. But those who were brave enough to sample the North Carolina treat realized that it’s actually a lot tastier than its unappetizing moniker implies. That’s why we included livermush in our April/May issue, on our list of fifty reasons to love the South now.

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Three New Spring Weekend Retreats

By Elizabeth HutchisonBelow the LineApril 8, 2015

Even if you left weeklong spring breaks behind in college, any one of these three new and recently renovated art-centric hotels merit at least a three-day weekend away.

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